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We aim to be transparent in what we do. 
For that reason we aim to discuss as many of our plans as possible openly so you (whether members or just interested) can see what we're up to, what hurdles we have to get past, and finally see progress when we can organise an event.

Maybe you might see a problem before it develops, or perhaps you can see something you might have ideas about?

We'd love to hear from you, so please get in touch.

And we don't just open up our planned activities, we're also on the hunt for new ideas, so please have your say.
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Alex Photos of hedge to check suitability of trees South of England Hedge Laying Society confirm all OK and set date  
Anne Begin funding drive Identify 10-20 grant sources and begin applying  
Alex Update galleries with Photos from 2009/2010 Images thumbnailed and put online  
Alex Arrange presence at Reigate Priory Park Community Festival Get confirmation from Reigate events collective  
Alex Put all images on to Picasa, tagged and shared, embed photo gallery Aiming to complete this ahead of 2011 season  
Debbie Fox Clear the old greenhouse Communal event day in March 2012  
Debbie Fox Organise Free Fruit Day in October 2012   
Alex Scope hedgelaying activity   
Debbie Update the Landshare Agreement Meeting with the Harrisons  
Debbie Fox Update the Constitution after the AGM on 19 July 2012 Updated 29 August 2012  
Debbie Fox Make a map of our plots Committee will work on it in September  
Debbie Fox Obtain horse manure from Orchard Cottage Stables Committee to look into this  
Debbie Fox Organise some promotional stalls in 2012 Stalls at Gatton Country Fair, Redhill Green Living Fair and Free Fruit Day  
Debbie Fox Ask neighbours if they'd like to meet us at the site in summer 2012 This has not been possible given the poor summer weather  
Committee Organise the AGM in July 2012 Completed on 19 July  
Debbie Fox Space to grow Funds topped up in 2015  
Debbie Fox Organise Free Fruit Day annually Hundreds of kilos of fruit not going to waste  
Gina Hewitt Winter 2015 planting scheme for Merstham Station planters Planters refreshed  
Showing 18 items