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Facing south, you can see the shed and one of the apple trees (pre-prune) in early-Summer.
Courgettes are a popular and easy to grow crop, but did you know you could also eat the flowers?  Fritters (in batter) and stuffed courgette flowers make an unusual lunchtime treat.  This patch was in a plot used for communal gardeners in the 2010 season.

Apples - the closest thing we have to cheating at gardening.  We have at half a dozen varieties on-site which include cider, eating and cooking (Bramley) apples, which we have juiced, cooked, baked and stewed into various concoctions.  We pruned the trees heavily in Winter 2009/2010 which reduced the effective crop in Autumn 2010, so we're hoping for a great crop again in 2011.
February. Councillor Mark Brunt gets stuck in with a bit of much needed forking.
March.  Local metal detectorists are invited along for a sweep, and discover a small hoard of saxon gold (found at another site locally a few weeks previously)

Finds include: a spoon handle, musket ball, buckles, coin and finally a piece of shrapnel from a WW2 anti-aircraft shell

April. We clear the crumbling greenhouse.

Over to Jodie from Surrey Wildlife Trust for some deturfing

May. Spring promise, early shoots and more work to come.

 June. The site warms up and digging continues


Cllr. Brunt gives us wings!  Posing shamelessly with Treasurer Anne

July.  It's all about the potatoes, Debbie, stop posing!

 But the rest of the fruit and veg is doing well too
More potatoes.  Anyone would think we had a healthy obsession 
 September.  Kale to start and support us through Winter

 Globe Artichokes - hard work but years of juicy reward

 October.  Courgettes turn to Marrows as the days shorten

 December.  At year end, all we find are footprints and twigs...

Photos are submitted by members, hi-resolution and uncropped versions are available on request (and will eventually be uploaded in 2011). 

Please use freely and credit