6 July Growing Redhill Annual Meeting

at Merstham Mix Café, 2a Portland Drive, Merstham, Redhill RH1 3HX

and opening of a pop-up exhibition: A Decade of Growing Redhill 

Why not join us on 6 July from 10.30-12.30? This is to launch the exhibition and for our friendly Annual General Meeting and Ordinary Meeting.

If you want to share your skills with your community, then contact us about joining the committee via secretary@growingredhill.co.uk.

We will be adding the closing date of the exhibition soon.

Why pay high prices for naturally grown food when you can produce your own?

         Growing Redhill is a community gardening group based in the Redhill area of Surrey. You don't have to be a skilled                  gardener to join, just enthusiastic! Since 2008 we've been helping people to 'grow their own' successfully in the Redhill 
         area. We also maintain the flower planters at Merstham Station. 

        Be a friend for a fiver

        Want to join us? A number of our activities are unique opportunities for members only. You can be a friend of Growing               Redhill for a fiver for the whole year. Visit our 'Join us' page to pay £5.50 via Paypal, which includes a Paypal transaction         fee. Please remember to provide your contact details.


        Debbie Fox, Chair

        Growing Redhill 

        Email: secretary@growingredhill.co.uk 

        Tel: 07717 678968. 

    Next events

        Please watch out for any updates or cancellations on our website before travelling www.growingredhill.co.uk

  • 6 July 10.30-12.30- Growing Redhill Annual Meeting. The Merstham Mix Café, 2a Portland Drive, Merstham, Redhill RH1 3HX. To coincide with opening of a pop-up exhibition: A Decade of Growing Redhill. If you want to share your skills with your community, then contact us about joining the committee via secretary@growingredhill.co.uk. 

  • Dates throughout the year. We’re back at Merstham Station! – Gina will be leading sessions to pep up the planters there. For Growing Redhill members only. If you want to join in, for safety reasons please let us know well in advance and you will need to provide photograph identification.


There was a splash of colour at Merstham Station over winter

A decade of Growing Redhill

It is not widely known that Growing Redhill has completed a decade of community gardening.

We have always been a modest group in size, evolving over the years according to what local people need. Nowadays, we make donations and give start-up advice to local groups wanting to ‘grow their own’. This is especially when they would not otherwise be able to afford it.

Our early activities included some food growing and building a stag beetle loggery on land in Merstham. We were part of a wider group called Sustainable Redhill. Then:

·       In November 2008, Growing Redhill really took off. We had a donation of tools from Fiskar's Orange Thumb community initiative. We started to help local people to 'grow their own' through a formal Landshare Agreement on land in Merstham and worked more in partnership with local organisations. 

·       At the beginning of 2011, we relaunched our website at www.growingredhill.co.uk

·       In 2011, we worked with Merstham Station’s owners to install large flower planters at Merstham Station and we have run them ever since. Commuters and other travellers have enjoyed everything from traditional English herbs to tropical banana plants. Following a break in 2018, while we became a formal station partner, we are back with a colourful splash!

·       By 2013, we had up to 20 plots occupied by local residents as well as bee hives on the half-acre growing site in Merstham, Surrey, with kind permission of the landowner. 

·       Over time, our novice growers fledged onto proper allotment plots – or else took their new found skills to new areas with growing families. We chose to return the site to the landowner in 2014. 

·       Since 2010, we’ve held five ‘Free Fruit Days’ at which we’ve redistributed up to 400kg home grown fruit in a day on Reigate High Street. Our members have also been out and about year on year, picking unwanted local fruit – some of which went to the Merstham Loveworks food bank in 2017. 

·       In 2013, we were given £2,000 by a benefactor. We started to spend the grant and got a gardening project off the ground at Warwick School, Redhill with installation of large raised planters and a lunchtime gardening club.

·       Since 2014, we’ve worked together with Reigate and Banstead Borough Council in Memorial Park, Redhill. Once the park was re-opened, we helped to plant up the new sensory garden. Since then, we’ve planted hundreds of daffodil bulbs that now create a colourful splash every spring.

·       In 2015, we won a Mayor of Reigate and Banstead’s Volunteer Team of the Year Award.

·       Since 2016, we’ve worked annually with The Challenge and young people on the National Citizenship Scheme to give them an opportunity to grow life skills. Here’s a message from Team Reiss who we worked with in Summer 2018:

"It is becoming more and more evident within society today that not enough people are going outside. This reveals a gateway into a grim future for the next generations as well as the current. Physical illness, mental illness and a fragmented society. Help us campaign for a better, brighter, greener future."

Team Reiss get their campaign started with Debbie Fox from Growing Redhill

         Previous events

In summer 2018, we gave a small grant to Welcare, which was very pleased with the resourcing of its ‘Smellie Wellie’ family gardening project in Redhill.

Planting up wellies with fragrant herbs

Our annual general meeting in 2018 was held in scorching sunshine in the Chair's garden.

The bunting was out in Chair Debbie’s garden for our 2018 AGM

There was a bumper crop of apples locally in the autumn of 2017. So we went picking with kind permissions from The Feathers Pub and a landowner on Church Hill, Merstham. Some of the fruit went to the Loveworks food bank in Merstham.

National Citizenship Scheme - Aug takeover!

The NCS Perham Team took over from 19-26 August 2017! Nine young people from as far afield as Croydon and Nutfield planned a sponsorship day, a volunteering day and campaign day. They raised over £230 for Growing Redhill's community projects. You can use the 'Donate online' link at the bottom of this page to give whatever you can.

Welcome Perham Team!

Space to grow project

We want to help more people in Redhill and the surrounding area to 'grow their own'. Do you know someone who cannot afford to grow? Or would your group benefit from our support? Contact secretary@growingredhill.co.uk

           Membership and benefits


As a member of Growing Redhill, you will have access to unique opportunities for growing locally, meeting like-minded people and passing your gardening skills to others. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member.                   Contact secretary@growingredhill.co.uk.  Join us or donate online